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  1. Diana Gundersen

    Happy Birthday, Dixie! What a great life and fabulous legacy! Hope you have the best day ever and many years to come!
    Much love, Diana Gundersen

    1. Elaine Crane

      Happy Birthday Dixie,
      What a classy lady you are! You have always been such an example to me of elegant!
      In our High School seminary there was an award given every year to the student the teachers voted that had gone the extra mile. I really feel like you are this kind of person in everything you do – you really go the extra mile.
      Something you taught me was when you didn’t even know it; when you pray you often say, that you are grateful and thankful, these two words are really not the same and I pondered them after hearing you and I can say that I have really grown by doing so.
      I could go on forever but just know that you are an amazing woman in my life, your beautiful singing voice, your humility, your powerful lessons, your dedication to family, your love of the Lord, your sacrifice and devotion to all our Fathers children! Thank you! I am “grateful and thankful” for having you for a dear friend!!
      Love Elaine Crane

  2. Jenny Redman

    Happy birthday Aunt Dixie! What an amazing blessed life and legacy you have given to this family. You are a LEGEND! We love you.
    Jenny, Giuseppe, Luisa and Filippo.

  3. Janell Johnson

    Happy Birthday Aunt Dixie! You have always been so kind, loving, and accepting of me and our family. We love you so much!! 💗

  4. Florence Diamond

    Dear Dixie,
    We were excited to get such a cute birthday card with your beautiful picture on it. We can’t believe how much time has passed by. We also miss seeing you and Harvey.
    Our thoughts of you go back many years and the kindnesses you did for my mother.
    We always thought of you as being a very service minded individual who always had a very king understanding heart and love for their fellow man. You were always personable and thoughtful of others. You taught you children the same wonderful values that you have.
    We send our heartfelt congratulations to you on this your 80th birthday!.


    Jim and Florence Diamond
    Thank you for being a wonderful example in our lives

  5. Nancy Kocer

    How did we get to be this age!! Wasn’t it just a few years ago we were sitting on the sofa in Grandma’s living room planning the horse ranch we would have when we were older (am I just imaging sitting on Grandma’s sofa… she never let anyone go in that room… right!)😊 I have been thinking for two days about what I would want to write to you on this special and beautiful occasion but it would have to be a short novel. You have been a part of my life for it’s entirety. You are my sister/aunt and I have so many many memories. I am so grateful that God put us together as family. Auntie Dixie you are an amazingly kind and beautiful woman. Your heart is bigger than you are in stature. Jerry refers to you as my “cute little Aunt.” Your many friends and their kind memories of you are a testament to the honest, loving and generous person you are. You always remember a special occasion with a special little hand picked card or gift and are there to offer a helping hand whenever you see the need. They say that our time is the greatest gift we can give someone because you are giving them a part of yourself that you can never get back. You always have time for others. You don’t just talk the talk you walk the walk! Happy 80th. Hope we can visit this summer and reminisce over some of the memories.
    Love you so very much!!
    Jerry and Nany

  6. Nancy Brackenbury Bailey

    Dixie (My Second Mom),
    On this special day, I want you to know that you have been a role model and you have influenced my life in so many ways. I am thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to be able to grow-up right next door and have Sandra as my best friend and you as my second mom. I have so many found and precious memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. You are an example of strength, kindness, encouragement and love. I hope your birthday is one blessing after another. With a loving heart and warm embrace, I send my birthday wishes to the Best Second Mom ever.
    All My Love,
    Nancy (Brackenbury) Bailey

  7. Karl, Virginia and Christopher

    Dixie, we love you!!!
    You are a beautiful example of beautiful example!!!
    We have had so many wonderful memories with you 💞
    I’ll never forget the time when you set me up to meet your “friend “, Jane!!!, you really got me that time🥴
    We have laughed a lot, and loved a lot,….
    you mean so much to us💞
    We love you so very much, happy 80th, you finally joined the club!
    BTW you make the best sheet cookies in the world! 🍪

  8. Jess, Greg, Sonny, Ivan and Junior

    ” How’s Aunt Dixie and the family?” I have asked my mom this question countless times in my life! You and your big beautiful family are always in my thoughts; Thank you for always being such a loving, generous and kind soul To me and my family! Although we live far away, I have many loving memories I’ve shared with you in my trips out west. Thank you for the tight hugs, root beer floats and many awesome cousins I have because of you! Watching the video of your humongous family share memories of you was absolutely delightful and a slap in the face fact at what an amazing woman you are.!! Happy birthday sweetie! All our biggest kisses and tightest hugs into this 80th year! We love you and your beautiful family!

  9. Deenna Tolentino

    Dearest Aunt Dixie
    Happy Birthday!! You are such a lady of class and grace. You always have a smile on your face and you make everyone feel welcome around you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life. You are someone that I will always look up to and admire.

  10. Ron Wamsley

    I’m on the Zoom, but I don’t have a microphone, Happy Birthday Dixie. Great to see you all are doing so well.

    Love The Ron Wamsley’s

  11. the DeMill Crew!

    Happy Birthday Grandma Dixie! We are the luckiest to have you as ours. Thanks for loving us and making everything so much fun! I loved working with you at the hospital – you’ve always been a cheerleader of anything I’ve wanted to do in life. You’re a good egg. Love You!
    Jessica, Shane, Halle, Brooke, Brynn, & Max

  12. Michelle Montgomery

    Happy Birthday Grandma! We sure love you and hope you have a fantastic year. 80!!! That’s definitely something to celebrate. Thanks for you cheerful “hellos”, family dinners and fun parties, and all the love and kindness you give to us all. You’re the best!

  13. Tonya Jeanette Fraga

    Happy birthday, Aunt Dixie! What a wonderful aunt and friend you have been for decades! I have enjoyed all the many visits I’ve had at your home and at family gatherings and such. You have always been so warm and inviting and down to earth. You were always able to talk to my sisters and me as if we were great friends, and that is pretty special. I love you!

  14. JoAnn Lloyd Rhodes

    Dear Dixie – wishing you a very special day and many more happy healthy days ahead. It has been a joy to talk with you on the phone and look at the photos you sent. I clicked onto the video but I do not have a camera or a microphone and was not able to use the “chat”. Take care and enjoy the days ahead with family and friends.

  15. Mitchell Perry

    Love you grandma.. i hope you have a wonderful birthday and thank you for always being there for me and my family.. love Mitchell, Yelitza, Willerlys, Santiago, Luz, sebastian..

  16. Adrynne Muir

    Dear Dixie,
    For over 60 years we have known each other. What a blessing it has been for me. thank you for being a welcoming sister in law. I have learned much from you and the tributes of your family show that. I appreciate your goodness and willingness to help me and others. Thank you for being a good wife to my brother and supporting him even when times were tough. I hope you have a wonderful day and year.



  17. Obi & Cathyleen Ahanonu

    Sister Pulley, Thank you for your kindness and love for the Ahanonus. My family are really appreciative of you and Brother Pulley’s accepting and helping us. Happy birthday and many more years to come. We love you.
    Remain Blessed.


    Happy Birthday My Sweet Friend Dixie!!! I tried to contact you on your zoom link but our speaker didn’t seem to be working – even though I tried hard (Doug & I are not Techno people)! I LOVED serving with you in the Primary Presidency a FEW years ago (Ha, Ha). Doug and I have such Wonderful memories of that time in our life and being such good friends with you and Harv. Please know that we both cherish these times with you both during our lives!!! LOVE YOU BOTH – Judy & Doug Norton

  19. Ballards

    Congrats on another year well-lived Dixie. So glad we know and love you. Whatever you wish may it be filled today and always. Happy Birthday! Del and Linda

  20. Joan Bunderson

    Happy Birthday Dixie. We tried to talk to you but couldn’t get any sound, so we woll wish you a wonderful, happy year this way. We hope you both have good health and lots of love from your family and friends.

  21. Jess, Greg, Sonny, Ivan and Junior

    Aunt Dixie,
    You and your big, lively family are thought of often. Thank you for the many tight hugs and yummy root beer floats during my visits to Utah. Thank you for the wonderful food and fond memories that were had in your kitchen in Dingle. Thank you for your endless well of kindness and love you continue to give to so many! You have truly made the world a better place 🙂 Happiest Birthday to you Aunt Dixie! lots of love to you in this next year! ! We miss you and your beautiful family!

  22. Terry Prohaska

    Happiest of birthdays Aunt Dixie. I am so disappointed I wasn’t able to join the Zoom session. We lost power and internet for several hours. It was restored about 45 minutes too late for me to chat with everyone. I hope you had a great time. I downloaded the video to my hard drive. Love you!!

  23. Joan Moss

    Happy birthday Dixie! I intended to hop on the zoom to wish you happy birthday but my 86 year old brain forgot. Hope to catch up with you someday soon.

    Joan Moss

  24. Joel and Lori Melton

    You are such an incredible person and have so much love to spread. We have such fond memories of you taking care of us and our new born babies at the hospital each time they were born. It didn’t matter if you were assigned to be our nurse or if you were just on the floor at the time and knew we were there. We kept having kids just so we could come in and see you.
    You also have been such a great influence to some of our kids as their primary teacher. And an incredible influence to us in general.
    We wish you the happiest of birthdays and are so blessed to know you and call you friend. 80 years is a so amazing! While I know that I won’t be wearing high heels at 80 (Lori might), I hope that I can achieve all the rest of your wonderful qualities by then. Happy Birthday!
    Love Joel and Lori Melton and Family.

  25. Dayna Fuhriman

    Sister Pulley,
    Happy 80th birthday! So sorry we couldn’t be on your zoom birthday party, we happened to have family in town that day. We sure love and appreciate you and the amazing person and example you are. Thank you for being such a light to others and for always sharing your love with all of us.
    We love you!
    Trevor, Dayna and family


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